Adam Olinger, popularly known as Adam Does Movies is a full-time Web Developer and a passionate Youtuber.
He is popularly known for his movie feuds and has a string of channels on YouTube where he rates movies in a very different way than the other critics present on YouTube.

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 Basic Information
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Born - 24th November 1979

Age - 37 years-old

Born in - Monticello, Minnesota

Lives in - Buffalo, Minnesota

Active - 2012 - present

Personal Life 

Born in Monticello Minnesota, Adam.O loves reviewing movies. He works as a full-time web-developer, web-designer, and a part-time YouTuber.

He revealed in an interview that he usually films most of his videos late at night while his wife and daughter are asleep.

He also said that he takes his inspiration from Siskel and Ebert, (Eugene Kal Siskel and Roger Joseph Ebert ) who are well-known film critics and appeared in Sneak Previews.

The idea of creating a channel for film reviews was pitched-in by him and his friend Cory Williamson, who eventually decided to leave the channel.

Adam Olinger currently lives in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Career and Education 

Adam works as a Web Developer and Designer at Infinity Direct in Minnesota.

Due to his full-time job he is able to create videos only late at night.

He has recently launched his merch on teespring

YouTube History

Adam Does Movies channel was created in September 2012 with his friend Cory.

Adam and Cory used to love debating about movies all the time and decided to take that passion to YouTube.

Realizing that they were many well-established film critics on YouTube with a huge subscriber base, they wanted to review movies in a different way which also provided entertainment to their viewers.

First two years of their YouTube career, Cory and Adam struggled to build an audience who can connect with them.

Initially, the videos in the channel was completely unscripted and did not target a particular audience.
Later, they decided to bring more structure to their videos and they began scripting their videos.

After a couple of years, Cory. W decided to leave working for the channel as there was no monetary gain.

Uploads - 478+

Subscriber - 57.4K+

YouTube Channels -


Facebook- @AdamDoesMovies

Twitter- @AdamDoesMovies

Instagram- @AdamDoesMovies

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