Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook (née Krevins) is a american internet personality, a makeup artist,YouTuber and Businesswoman . She was born on 14th February, 1982 ( age 38 years) in Washington State, US.
She makes an estimated $1.3 Million a year from her YouTube channel and Halo Beauty.

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Basic Info  

Birth Name - Tatiana Aleksandra Krevins
Tati Westbrook Biography, earning, wedding and more
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Birthday - 14th January, 1982

Age - 32 years old

Profession - Makeup artist, Stylist, 
YouTuber and Businesswoman 

Origin - Seattle, Washington State, US

Nationality - American

Ethnicity - Caucasian 

Sposue - James Westbrook (2017- present)

Active - 2011 - present 

Personal Life 

Tati.W is an American internet personality widely popular for her YouTube channel - Tati 
She was born and raised in Seattle, Washington State, US. She has three sisters Erkia Patterson , Larissa and Sabrina. 

Tati.W got engaged to her long-trm boyfriend James Westbrook in January 2012. 
James.W (was born on 10th September, 1970 , age - 48 years old) has appeared on multiple videos in Tati's YouTube Channel .

The couple got married in 2017. Although it was revealed that they initially thought of eloping but then elected against it.
James.W has a son Taylor Westbrook , who was born in Atlanta on March 20, 1994 ( 26 years old ).
Tati has created several videos with her stepson (Taylor.W) on her YouTube Channel.

Taylor Westbrook is a musician and has amassed more 120K+ followers on Instagram. Taylor was 18 years old when James proposed Tati.

Career and Education

T. Westbrook completed her graduation in Seattle. In the beginning of her career she worked as an actress briefly and appeared in "Unsolved Mysteries" in 1996. In 2007 she did a support role in "Greek" (an American comedy drama television series) appearing consecutively in 10 episodes.

She worked as an Image Consultant before starting her YouTube Channel. 
She also partnered with Matt Steffanina in a dance competition called Dance Showdown.

Tati launched Tati Beauty in October 2019 with her first product being an 'textured neutral eyeshadow pallette' . Halo Beauty was launched in March 2018 and it primarily produces pills or hair and skin nutrition.

YouTube History

Tati YouTube Channel, formerly known as 'GalmLifeGuru', was created on 8th November 2010. She made her YouTube Debut in 2011 with the video " Review| Buxom Smokey Eye stick" which has been watched more than 172, 146+ times 

Her most watched videos include "JLo's Makeup artist does my makeup" which has 10 million views, "OUR WEDDING" which received 6.7Million views and "Putting my son in drag Ft. James Charles" which has 5.8 million views.

Her YouTube Channel currently has 9.5+ Million subscribers with 1600+ videos online.

Creator Awards - 100,000 Subscribers in 2013
                            1,000,000 Subscribers in 2016
                             10,000,000 Subscribers in 2019 (not eligible now)

After the James Charles and Tati Westbrook Controvery , her channel lost about 1 million subscribers after James' "No More Lies" video was uploaded explaining his side of the story.

Her estimated networth is approx $12 million 

Estimated Monthly Earning - $855 - $13.4K 

Estimated yearly Earning - $10.3K - $164.2K

(source - SocialBlade)

Social Media

Instagram - @Tati

Twitter - @Tati

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