Tatiana James is a 26-year-old Youtuber, Entrepreneur, and Business-consultant. She is known for promoting and motivating people to adopt the 'laptop-lifestyle'.
She owns Luxx Waist Trainers and has a separate Youtube channel dedicated to that brand.
She was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.

tatiana james

Born - Tatiana Buree, 10th March 1994 

Age - 26 years (as of May 2020)

Profession - Youtuber, Entrepreneur, and Business consultant

Years active - 2016- present 

Origin - Vancouver, Canada 

Eye Color - Hazel

Hair color - Brown 

Zodiac Sign - Pisces 

Spouse - Engaged to Steffan James 

Website: www.tatianajames.com  (opens in new window)

She is greatly inspired by Tony Robbins.


Tatiana James earlier known as Tatiana Buree started her online business in 2015. Fascinated by the 'Laptop Lifestyle' and inspired by her boyfriend Steffan James, she began her journey by publishing Kindle books. The first book she published was a guide book on dogs which made a profit of  $500 a month.
 Earning her first dollar online made her realize the passion she had for entrepreneurship. Later, she took a training program by Amazon and began selling her products online.
The first product she sold was a cognac sponge which made a substantial amount of profit and boosted her confidence.
She decided to form her own brand of Waist Trainers (Luxx waist trainers), which helped her scale her business.
She became a millionaire at age 24.

tatiana james biography


Tatiana James studied Political Science and minored in French.
 She used to work as a part-time waitress to help her cover school-debt.
Before she was introduced to the idea of online-business she wanted to work in the parliament with the government, in Canada.
She said in a video that she was tired of the monotonous daily routine with university and part-time job taking a huge chunk of her time which later became the core reason for dropping out of University in her last semester and taking online-business as a full-time job. 


Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada T.James met Steffan James on Tinder in 2014 when she was 20 years old. 
Inspired by her boyfriend she decided to join online-business. 
Later, the couple got engaged in September 2018 in Santorini.

She owns a Pomeranian shih-tzu named Simba who now stays with her parents in Vancouver. 
She moved from Canada to Panama in 2019.


tatiana james biography

She owns two YouTube Channels, Tatiana James and Luxx Waist Trainers 
Tatiana James was created on 22 October 2017 and has since bagged 134K subscribers with 176 videos online. 
In this channel, she creates videos about online marketing, motivation, self- development  and QnA videos

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Estimated Networth (2020) - $1 million - $5 million (approx)

Total number of views on her channel - 4,662,280 views

Total number of videos - 176

Total number of Subscribers- 134K

Created on - 11 February 2015 

Total Number of Subscribers - 161K

Total number of views - 11,560,368 views 

Total number of videos - 210 


Facebook Profile - @tatianajames26 

Twitter Handle - @tatimj2016

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