Anantya Anand, popularly known as My Miss Anand is a 10-year-old YouTube star from Noida, India.

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Born - 12 June 2009

Age- 10 years

Origin - Jhansi, India 

Zodiac Sign - Gemini 

Nationality - Indian 

Profession - Student and YouTuber 

Active - 2014 - Present

Weight - 40 Kgs

Anantya Anand Income - $173 K per month 

Anantya is a part of  'The YouTuber Family' of India. The family has 8 members making a living off YouTube. The most popular of all is a 10-year-old, who loves facing the camera.

Her aunt, Shruti Arjun Anand was the first to join YouTube and her videos revolved around makeup and lifestyle. Anantya featured in some of her videos before she had her own channel. She used to enjoy featuring in videos.

On 22nd July 2014, My Miss Anand Channel was created by her parents, Nisha Anand and Ankur Anand seeing their daughter's interest in creating videos.

During the initial days of this channel,  to hairstyle, fashion tips, and toy reviews related videos were posted.

Her Estimated Net worth - $100,000 - $1 million

Primary Source of Income - YouTube


Anantya is a 6th-grade student. She has maintained a proper work-school balance.

She manages her studies and creating videos for YouTube very well. According to a BBC video, 
despite having a very busy routine she has never missed a day of her school. She follows a strict routine that involves school, studying, creating videos, and recreational activities.

During her exams, she does not film and solely concentrates on her studies.

Anantya has many friends and even takes video recommendations from them


My Miss Anand is managed and owned by Shruti Arjun Anand Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

This company was made by Shruti A. Anand ( Anantya's Aunt ) and Arjun Anand.
Shruti.A.Anand was the first member of this YouTuber family to post videos online. She was working in an IT Company in the United States. During the initial days, she used to make videos only during the weekends.
After 2 years of consistent hard work, she gained a lot of popularity.

Later, the couple moved to India where Arjun Anand quit his 30 lakh per-year job and began editing videos for his wife. 

As the demand for fresh content was increasing, they roped in a few of their family members for help.
Today, this family has 5 women and 4 men working to produce 12 videos per week for their 8 YouTube Channels.

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Every day the family gets together in their studio in Noida, India, and brainstorms ideas from 12 PM to 5 PM. They come up with at least 12 topics for 8 channels that are to be filmed and uploaded that week. They make a routine and film videos according to it. 

Recently she launched her first First Music video ' YE SAPNE MERE ', this song describes the dreams that she has fulfilled by being a YouTuber.

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