Kailin Chase is a 25-year-old social media influencer, Instagram Model, YouTuber, and blogger. Born in Oregon, United States has gained immense popularity after her appearance in James Charles' Instant Influencer Series which premiered on James Charles' YouTube Channel. Born on 26th May 1995 and raised in Seattle, US.

She was the winner of the first episode of the series.

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      Basic Information 

      Birthday - 26 May 1995 

      Kailin Chase biography
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      Age - 25 Years 

      Place of Birth - Oregon, US

      Origin- Seattle, US 

      Profession - Blogger, Social Media Influencer,

       Instagram Model

      Spouse - Brady Rusch 

      Active - 2016- present 

      Personal Life

      Kailin has always been an optimist. She loves skincare, DIY, and Makeup.

      As a kid, she always dreamed of working for the Cosmopolitan. She loved reading fashion and lifestyle magazines. While others found these magazines negative, she found her passion in it.

      Due to her father's demise, she obtained a different outlook for life. She started to appreciate every little thing in her life. Through the support of her then-boyfriend Brady Rusch (now husband ), she decided to share her experiences and passion with the world.

      Being a person who always had a thing for aesthetics, she wanted to share her passion through creativity and fun.

      In her blog Cordially K, she says that she is a perfectionist, and she only wanted to follow her passion when she was one hundred percent sure of it. It took a couple of years to get that perfect inspiration and title for her blog.

      The idea behind the title  'Cordially K'  was to add a personal touch to her blog because it is similar to signing off a letter. As described in her blog, the title symbolizes that every content of her blog is completely from her, she further explains that the content she writes about is something that she believes in. 

      She has two sisters Kenzie Chase and Casie Chase. Her mother and sisters live in Seattle.
      While she lives with her husband Brady Rusch in Denver, Colorado. The couple shifted from Seattle in 2018.

      Kailin and Brady met while they were in Freshman and Senior year (Brady). She instantly found him attractive and even told her friends that she would marry him, which eventually happened. Brady became Kailin's Marketing Mentor and that's when they came close and eventually began dating secretly.

      During her Sophomore year, Kailin's father passed away, which opened her eyes and she began to appreciate things more.

      After a couple of years, she began traveling a lot and began to have new experiences which brought her blog Cordially K  together in 2017.

      She completed her Graduation in Graphic Information Technology.

      Kailin and Brady got married on 19th June 2016 in San-Fransico.

      They own two dogs Ruxin and Chleo. Ruxin was adopted shortly after her marriage with Brady.

      Career and Education

      Kailin was studying Marketing in the year 2014 where she met Brady Rusch. Later she completed her graduation In Graphic Information Technology.

      She is an Instagram Model, Blogger, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer.
      She started her journey with blogging by sharing her optimistic thoughts, and experiences.

      By the end of 2017, she started receiving requests from her readers for creating a YouTube Channel for Vlogging.

      She was cast for James Charles' Instant Influencer YouTube Series.

      Kailin Chase biography
      Image Source - YouTube @JamesCharles

      YouTube History

      Her Channel Kailin Chase was created on 20 November 2016 but she started uploading videos form June 2018.

      Her appearance in Instant Influencer in 2020 helped her gain popularity in the YouTube Community.

      In a video named 'James Charles Casting Call' she revealed that she was always encouraged by her parents for her artistic abilities and allowed her to use makeup from a very young age. Her love for makeup increased when she joined a different middle school. 

                                               Video source - YouTube@KailinJames
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      She had recently lost her best friend and her father and so her mother wanted to give Kailin and her siblings anything that could make them feel happy and give a fresh start. She explains how she was bullied in her new school because she didn't have certain things that other kids had. This led to a decrease in her confidence and self-esteem. She frequently felt that she was not good enough and also that she did not have the education that the other kids had.

      Kailin Chase biography
      Image Source- YouTube@KailinChase

      During those tough times in her life, all she had was her art. She would try different looks on her every day. She recalls the time when her aunt gave her a Stilla Palette, which gave her a fresh boost of confidence.

      She was very skeptical about joining YouTube because she felt the internet was not a positive place for her. But her love for makeup and creativity made her join YouTube.

      Now she has 340K Subscribers on YouTube and 35+ Videos online.

      Social Media

      Instagram - @KailinChase

      YouTube- @KailinChase

      Tik-Tok- @KailinChase

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