Hitesh Kumar Sharma, popularly known as Hitesh KS is a 20-year-old YouTuber who creates gaming videos. He is an Indian based YouTuber.

hitesh ks wiki

Born - May 2, 1999

Age - 20 years

Zodiac sign - Taurus

Origin - Chandigarh, India 

Nationality - Indian

Profession - YouTuber

Active - 2016- present 

Early Life

Hitesh KS began creating videos for YouTube for recreation. His channel was created on 27th July 2016. He first started creating videos on games like Limbo, payday, freedom fighters, sleeping dog, etc.

Later he decided to incorporate witticisms in his gaming videos. This made him get more views and eventually more subscribers.

He worked part-time for software designing, testing, and photoshop and used the money he earned to buy his gaming equipments.

hitesh ks wiki


He was born and raised in Chandigarh, India. Hitesh is known to be always cheerful and was fascinated by games from a very young age.

He wanted to be something different and wanted to stand out.

He is an athletic person and has earned a green belt in martial arts.


He completed his schooling from Shishu Niketan High School and is currently pursuing his graduation from GGDSD College.


His channel was created on 27th July 2016 and during the initial years he would mostly create videos about payday, limbo, freedom fighters, tc. for which he was often criticized.

He did not let the hate from the internet affect him and over-time he built his channel to 400k subscribers.

Total number of views - 179,779,300+

First Uploaded Video - Hitesh KS | CHANNEL TRAILER | 2K HD

Estimated Net Worth- $46.4K - $279K

His milestones as given on his channel -

hitesh ks wiki


Facebook- Hitesh KS 

Twitter- Hitesh KS

Instagram- Hitesh KS

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