ClickforTaz, is a 25-year-old YouTuber, Welsh Poet, and a Social media Influencer.
She is known for her comedic-videos and some interesting challenge-videos including only eating blue foods for 24 hours, living in a car for 24 hours, eating junk food for a weekliving on £1 a day for a week and many more. Her Estimated Net Worth is - $300,000

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Basic Information

Image Source- @ClickForTaz
Birthday - 27th October 1993 

Age - 26 years 

Born in - Cardiff, Wales

Ethnicity - South Asian 

Nationality - Welsh 

Active - 2012- Present 

Personal Life 

Taz was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales where she lived with her parents and her brother.
She had a very turbulent childhood and had hoarded insecurities which she carried into her adulthood.

After graduating from University she had little to no knowledge about her passion which made her feel extremely lost. She revealed in an interview that she thought things would magically fall into place after she receives her degree. She did not even see herself practicing Law, and had no passion for it.

She wanted to find her passion and be her authentic self. 

Soon she came across spoken word poetry and she was instantly fascinated by it. For Taz, it was beautiful the way the poet's emotions were delivered strongly which made an impact.
She researched it and soon began writing poems. Her poems were mostly inspired by her challenging childhood and deep-rooted insecurities.

Her life took a turn when she wrote her first poem. She poured her feelings into the poem and she did not expect it to do well. Soon poems became a passage for her emotional outlet.

She gained a lot of popularity from spoken word poetry.

Now, she is in a better place and makes videos and writes poems that make an impact and help her viewers. 

She does not consider herself a 'Poet' because it sounds professional.
She revealed in an interview that she has never taken any professional training for writing poetry.

She shifted from Cardiff, Wales to central London in March 2020.

Video source - YouTube @ClickForTaz

Career and Education

Taz graduated from the School of Law and Politics - Cardiff  University in 2015.
Although she did not have the passion for Law she decided to graduate in Law. 

While growing up she wanted to be white.

During her graduation, she was repeatedly reminded that the Law profession is dominated by males and even more by whites.

She chose law as her career as she believed that is the only way to be successful.

YouTube History

ClickForTaz  Joined YouTube in October 2012 and started creating vlogs for her channel.
Her channel received a lot of recognition after her poetry about depression.

She soon gained a decent amount of followers and continued with her spoken word poetry.

She changed her direction after she felt that the topics she was talking about were too sensitive and not healthy for her.

She began making challenge videos, mukbang videos, and more.

Her popularity increased when she spoke in TED X TUM conference in Munich in February 2018
Taz Talks on YouTube helped her gain a lot of recognition.

Currently, she has two channels :

ClickForTaz has amassed more than 1.3Million Subscribers with 250+ Videos online.
ClickFormMoreTaz has 67k+ Subscribers

Her Estimated Net Worth is -$300,000


Twitter - @ClickForTaz

Instagram - @ClickForTaz

Tik-Tok - @ClickForTaz

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