Ankita Chaturvedi or better known as Corallista is a lifestyle/ makeup based YouTuber and Blogger
She was 21 years old when she started her journey as a makeup blogger.
She started blogging in the year 2011 when she was in the 3rd year of her college.
Before entering the world of blogging and choosing it as a full-time job she was a student of IIT Bombay and completed her Graduation in 2012.

Her battle with acne made her discover the hidden interests she had in makeup and skincare. 

corallista biography

Born - Ankita Chaturvedi, June 10, 1989

Age - 30 years (as of  May 2020)

Profession - Youtuber, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger 

Years active - 2011- present 

Nationality - Indian

Religion - Hindu 

Height - 5ft 3in 

Eye color - Dark brown 

Hair color - Black 

Zodiac sign- Gemini

Spouse - Ashish Kumar Chaturvedi 

Website -  (opens in a new window)

Besides blogging and creating Youtube Videos she likes reading, sketching, painting, cooking and traveling 

She has uploaded a couple of travel blogs on her YouTube channel as well. 

Personal Life

Corallista is publicly reticent about her personal life although she did reveal in a video that she separated from her husband. 
She was married to her long time boyfriend, Ashish Kumar Chaturvedi and the couple separated in the year 2016.

corallista biography

On 15th September 2015, she revealed that she has been suffering from PCOS

She is currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

She owns two dogs, Dora and Manny. Dora is 4 years old and Manny is between 7-9 years old

YouTube History 

Her youtube channel, Corallista was created on 27th September 2011 and now she has 678K followers with a total of  609 videos online and  93,599,413 views.

Her YouTube videos are mostly about makeup and skincare. She has recently started creating videos about Living alone, Self-Love, and more.

She became popular through her easy-to-follow makeup looks (mostly eye make up tutorials) and product reviews.

She regards makeup as therapy and shares videos on her diet, Home & more

Total Number of Views on the Channel - 93,599,413

Total Number of Videos - 609

Total Number of Subscribers - 678K

Career and Education

She completed her graduation in the year 2012 from IIT Bombay. She was already into blogging during the final year of her graduation and decided not to sit for her campus placements. 

corallista biography

She chose blogging as a career and devoted her time and efforts in it. 
Now she is one of the most successful Indian Beauty blogger and Youtuber.

Estimated Net Worth- $235,000 


corallista biography

Total Number of Followers - 262K

Total Number of Posts - 3000+ posts

Favorite filters - Paris and Sparkles on IG stories

Twitter handle -@corallista

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