Nischay Malhan or better known as Triggered Insaan is a 24-year-old well-established YouTuber.
He is best known for his, non-abusive roast videos, commentaries often based on Bollywood, Indian media, and social media influencers. 

triggered insaan wiki

Born - 14th November 1994 

Age - 24 years

Zodiac Sign - Scorpio

Origin - New Delhi, India 

Profession - YouTuber

Active- 2012- present 


Nischay.M was a hardworking and brilliant student in his School. He always managed to do well in academics. After his 10th Grade, he gained weight which caused him to go under depression and lowered his confidence. He battled depression throughout his 11th and 12th grade.
Eventually, with the help of his roommate, he was able to gain his confidence back and came out of depression.

He completed his graduation and was offered a good job, which he later refused to accept.
During the first day of his internship, he realized that he was not passionate about his job.
He revealed in a video that he did not like the experience he had during his internship. He was asked not to watch gaming-videos during lunch-break. 

Upset by this, he decided to leave his Job and take YouTube as a full-time job.
He was passionate about creating videos and sometimes made videos at his friend's place to not upset his parents. 

Initially, his parents were not supportive of his YouTube-career but over-time with his increasing popularity they accepted it.
Acceptance from his parents gave him a boost of confidence and he started creating more content for his channel.

Being an introvert, he was not comfortable facing the camera. He later realized that was the reason for not getting the expected amount of views in his videos.

triggered insaan wiki


N.Malhan was born and raised in New-Delhi, India. He has an elder sister, Prerna Malhan, and a younger brother Abhishek Malhan.

 Prerna Malhan is a YouTuber and her videos are mostly about traveling vlogs ( Wanderers Hub).
His younger brother, Abhishek Malhan also creates videos for Youtube ( fukraa insaan) and  Dimple's Kitchen Channel handled by his Mother.

There are 5 YouTube channels online from the Malhan family.

triggered insaan wiki


N.Malhan completed his schooling from Lancet Convent School in New Delhi where he was a bright student and performed well in his academics. He loved studying Physics and Maths.
He completed his graduation from IIIT- Delhi and received his CS engineering degree.

He was offered a job, which he refused to accept as he wanted to follow his passion. 

Right after his graduation, he chose YouTube as his career.


N.Malhan joined YouTube in September 2012 where he would share coding related videos.
His other channel was created on 17th July 2014 with the name Yes Yes Bhai, which was changed to Its Nischay and then eventually to Triggered Insaan.

Triggered Insaan bagged 113K subscribers in 2018 and 1 million subscribers on 24th September 2019.

He recently created Live Insaan channel dedicated only to his gaming videos.
Live Insaan received equal love and support from his fans.

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triggered insaan wiki

Triggered Insaan 

Joined - 17 July 2014

Subscribers - 4.5+ Million 

Total number of views - 572,786,864+ views

Live Insaan 

Joined - 10 November 2017 

Subscribers - 2+ Million 

Total number of views - 217,025,981+  views

Nischay Malhan 

Joined - 9th September 2012

Total number of  videos - 20 

Subscribers - 4.6k 

Social Accounts 

Facebook - Triggeredinsaan

Instagram- @triggeredinsaan

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